Simulation in Healthcare Education

Patient-centred simulation is a key learning tool to provide healthcare providers and inter-professional teams with training on real life health care situations in simulated environments.

Simulation provides learners the opportunity to learn in replicated real-world situations without the concomitant risk to actual patients. Simulation can be used to teach clinical or medical procedures, as well as the cross-cutting competencies such as leadership, decision -making, teamwork and other patient safety competencies that promote the avoidance of patient safety risks and the appropriate response to adverse events.

The Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare (CNSH) was formed to facilitate collective action among stakeholders to advance patient-centred simulation across the country. The mission of the CNSH is to provided a platform for promotion and advancement of patient-centred simulation among health professionals, educators, administrators, and regulators and policy-makers across Canada.

Patient-centred simulation is increasingly recognized for the potential to improve performance of health professionals, reduce adverse events and increase patient safety.