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Advancing quality of healthcare and education across Canada main objective in the consolidation of simulation networks

Toronto, ON | January 27, 2017
The two healthcare simulation organizations, SIM-one and the Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare (CNSH), have agreed to integrate by September, 2017.
The Boards of Directors of SIM-one and CNSH have signed a guiding principles document providing a timeframe and process for integrating Canada’s largest healthcare simulation networks. This integration will create an interprofessional and interdisciplinary network to improve and expand programs and services for the simulation community across the country.   According to Dimitri Anastakis, Chair of SIM-one, “The new entity will focus upon exceptional patient care through simulation. Like its predecessors, its objectives will be to improve healthcare education, patient safety, and quality. Through advocacy, training, certification, and expos and forums, it will serve the full range of healthcare and human service professions, disciplines, and care delivery sectors.”   Linda Crelinsten, Chair of CNSH, explained that “the impetus for these two organizations coming together is to provide added value for: Healthcare and academic institutions
  • Enhanced use of simulation to further improve quality of care and patient safety
  • Collaborative initiatives to address increasing costs associated with simulation
  • A united voice to advocate for and support simulation across Canada
Practitioners and students
  • One national simulation network for all healthcare professionals, providers and students
  • Increased use of simulation in continuing professional education for healthcare practitioners
  • Increased opportunity for Interprofessional educational initiatives and interaction.
  • National-level training for and recognition of expert simulationists
Industry collaborators
  • Greater opportunities for collaboration with academic leaders in simulation education and research
  • Enhanced understanding of the needs and expectations of the Canadian simulation community”
In jointly agreeing to guiding principles, the Boards of Directors of SIM-one and CNSH are aiming to complete the integration by September, 2017, when it is to be submitted for approval by the voting membership of each of the organizations. During the intervening months, SIM-one and CNSH will be working closely together and jointly brand major events, such as the National Forum on Simulation for Quality and Safety (June 2017) and the SIM Expo (November 2017). After completion of the integration, all services will be branded under the new entity.
[su_box title="About simulation in healthcare" box_color="#e3e3e3" title_color="#000000" radius="0"]Patient-centred simulation is a key learning tool to provide healthcare students, providers and inter-professional teams with training on real-life health care situations in simulated environments. Simulation provides learners the opportunity to learn in replicated real-world situations without the concomitant risk to actual patients. Simulation can be used to teach clinical or medical procedures, as well as the cross-cutting competencies such as leadership, decision-making, teamwork, communication, and other patient safety competencies. Simulation is used by hospitals, colleges and universities, and other providers of healthcare services in all health care disciplines, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, social work, paramedicine, diagnostic imaging, medical laboratory science, and many other professions. [/su_box] [su_box title="About SIM-one" box_color="#e3e3e3" title_color="#000000" radius="0"]SIM-one was launched as an Ontario-wide network in 2010. SIM-one connects simulationists for collaboration; advocates to the provincial government on behalf of simulation community; contracts with government to advance simulation aligned with its strategic goals; offers education and certificates through workshops, webinars, onsite training, and other programs; organizes key events, such as the SIM Expo and the Forum; hosts the SIM Scenario Exchange™; maintains a company directory and an online marketplace for used equipment; and facilitates collaborative equipment purchasing for its member organizations. [/su_box] [su_box title="About the Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare" box_color="#e3e3e3" title_color="#000000" radius="0"]The Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare is a pan-Canadian inter-professional network for simulation in healthcare learning. The CNSH is a platform for interprofessional learning and synergistic teamwork, communication and skill practice for improved patient outcomes.[/su_box] [su_box title="Contacts" box_color="#e3e3e3" title_color="#000000" radius="0"]Dimitri Anastakis Chair, Board of Directors, SIM-one 416-603-5790 danastakis AT gmail.com www.SIM-one.ca Linda Crelinsten Chair, Board of Directors, CNSH 514-294-0404 lindacrelinsten AT gmail.com www.cnsh.ca[/su_box] An evolution in education - Une évolution en éducation